Founder & CEO

Alex Busca

Born in Bucharest in October 2000, I dove into the world of press photography at Inquam Photos in 2016. Starting as an intern, I've grown into capturing significant moments with sincerity and dedication.<br>In 2022, I earned a bachelor's degree in Social Entrepreneurship from the Academy of Economic Studies, specializing in English. Now, I'm navigating law studies in Bucharest while continuing my journey with Inquam Photos, freezing everyday life in frames. Additionally, I collaborate with AFP, contributing to a broader narrative through my lens.<br>As a collaborator at Inquam Photos, I find joy in this work, complemented by proudly managing my own tech venture. Engaging in audio, video, and photo services, I'm on a perpetual quest for improvement and growth.<br>For me, press photography transcends profession—it's a genuine passion, a quiet dedication to preserving the world's genuine essence. Every small moment holds significance, and I continue this journey, hoping to immortalize our times for future generations, all while having an incredible time doing it. 📸✨